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Her er mine artikler for The Capital Post, der er en online avis, baseret i Washington, D.C. Desværre er hjemmesiden ikke mere tilgængelig, men du kan se mine artikler her: Artikler bragt af The Capital Post


South Asian Americans could tip the election, 4. maj 2016

Apalachicola river is named 'most endangered' waterway in the US, 4. maj 2016. 


The Danish People remember the victims of Paris, 17.11.2015

The European Union calls for digital action, 17.02.2015

The Danish people stand together in the face of terror, 18.02.2015

The Jewish community calls for more protection in Denmark, 04.11.2014


Undocumented, Unapologetic, but still afraid, 16.12.2013

Discovering life on other planets may be around the corner, 06.12.2013

Democratic senators call for the closing of Guantanamo, 01.08.2013

An evening of faiths at the State Department, 25.07.2013

Senators question Chinese takeover of company, 15.07.2013

Local groups call on Congress to solve Klamath water wars, 28.06.2013

Immigration reform, law and a life of her own - a personal journey, 17.06.2013


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